Grow sales with AI-powered WhatsApp Broadcasts

Grow sales with AI-powered WhatsApp Broadcasts

We are thrilled to announce that the AI-powered WhatsApp Broadcast feature is available for all Number™ users. You can use the Broadcast feature to send a message to unlimited contacts who opted to receive messages from you. Following the broadcast, you can engage with your contacts through AI assistants that will automatically respond to campaign-related questions, qualify leads, and more. Reach your target audience with personalized messages and grow your sales through WhatsApp's high open rates and fast engagement.

WhatsApp vs. Email

According to data from Meta, WhatsApp users tend to respond to messages within minutes, while it takes an average of 90 minutes for a user to respond to an email. Additionally, when considering open rates, data from Campaign Monitor reports that only approximately 20% of emails are ever opened, whereas a striking 99% of WhatsApp messages are opened by their recipients. These statistics highlight the exceptional speed and engagement levels associated with WhatsApp communication when compared to traditional email.

How to send a WhatsApp Broadcast?

  1. Open the Contacts page.
  2. Filter contacts based on tags, creation time, and more (optional).
  3. Select contacts to whom you want to send a broadcast message.
  4. Select a pre-approved WhatsApp Message Template.
  5. Select the Send button.
  6. You have now successfully sent a broadcast message.

Once your broadcast is delivered, you can monitor and analyze various metrics, including open rates, engagement, and more, to gain a better idea of the campaign's effectiveness.

To learn more about the Broadcast feature and its pricing, please contact our support team at